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Our lawyers will help clients take legal action when they experience discrimination

Equal Pay Act

Employers may improperly classify employee status in an attempt to reduce pay.

Medical|Disability Leave

No one plans to become disabled or sick.

Nationwide WARN Act

Dealing with a mass layoff or plant closing can be a stressful and difficult time. 

Wrongful Termination

Your employer cannot fire you for any illegal reason.

Sexual Harassment

The unjust and damaging effects of sexual harassment should never be ignored.

Stock Disputes

With the shift to the information economy, more and more employees are working in the information and technology sectors.

Wage | Hour Violations

As a devoted employee, you probably work hard for your company and do what they ask you to.


State and federal law protect you from retaliation for raising concerns about your employer’s illegal conduct.

Workplace Retaliation

Do you believe your employer is punishing you for reporting unlawful conduct? 

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